I started this today. And yes, i have posted many things and never finished them, but i am hoping this one is my best. it’s a utah raptor, or atleast modeled after one. anyway, i had some trouble with the eye area. here’s some pics. C&C wanted!


ok, update and…



Hey :smiley: I saw this when you first posted, but I don’t feel I have enough technical knowledge to help. The shape is great though, just be careful with the back of the head’s mesh. Try and make the lines flow a little…if that makes sense? lol


thanks. this model took a lot of tweaking so far…

topology looks good so far. pretty clean mesh. keep it going

You look like you could apply a sub-surf modifier and be just fine. Its looking really good!

I would start boxing out the body if I were you. Use the same princepals for the body as you did the head.

I look forward to updates!

[edit]You prolly thinkin to yourself: no… really?[/edit]


looking good. Did you get inspired by the Jurrasic Park movies? I know I did, dont be embarrased to say so :slight_smile:

i did get inspired by the JP movies, anon.

thanks all of you. i am kind of busy at the moment, so be patient about updates!

ok, i have the body roughed out. arms always trouble me, but hands and feet trouble me more…


the arms are little bit better now, but i dont want to upload another pic yet. i will later, once i have done more.

hey, I’m not teasing or anything but…you know how dinosoars evolved from sea creatures? I think you know where I’m getting at here lol - perhaps copy this model to a different layer, and when you get the final model done, do something like a build modifier and it could show the evolution from a swimming to walking animal. That would be awesome :wink:

lol. i’m just not done, and im sure you know that.

but, try to keep to constructive criticism, please. :wink:

heh, from this angle it really looks kinda like he got fins. ^^

looking good, keep it up. =)

yeah, i guess it does.

i just noticed that the lighting hides a lot of the detail. i’ll redo the lighting for next update.

wasn’t meant to put you down or anything.

good call on the lighting btw. while modelling you would almost always want a material and light setup that exposes everything about your mesh in test renders. every little painful problem, so you can fix it. (I myself am a master of ignoring that rule :P)

Looks nice so far!
The shoulders look a bit weired, try to collapse the 2 top vertices that make his shoulders so lego-like :slight_smile:
and i think the arms and legs are a bit flat? might be that this is only caused by the lighting…

It has been four months since the last post, and i decided to start this again. BUT, when i went to start it, I remembered how i couldn’t do dino hands or feet. So, I would like some help on this.

In what way may we be of assistance?
If you would, please be a little more specific in what help you require…

http://media.putfile.com/trex2534 lo hice en los primeros meses de este año es mi segunda animacion