Raptors in Paradise

hello, i just finished this personal work with some texturing help of my buddies. hope you like it.:yes:


looks great, only feedback would be to add some sort of forest texture behind the trees, as it looks weirdly empty in the background

Pretty cool. I think the dinosaurs would look better if their skin had more colour variation.

Nice modeling.
The above comments both make sense but I like the simplistic textured feel of the scene as it is. It really focuses me on that left raptor’s eye.

Cool work.

I agree with consideringthepickle. I hope you make banner.

Other than the things mentioned, the way the arm connects to the body of the raptor looks a bit strange, but other than that, nice job! Is there any chance you could do a tutorial on how to model one of the raptors? If you can’t, it’s understandable. By the way, is that rendered in Blender internal?

i think the composition is to low.

thanks for the comment guys, at least i know where area i need to improve. Your comments are very well appreciated :yes:

Incredible textures and work my friend, I am an app developer and I use blender for my graphics.

thanks! :slight_smile: glad u like it