Rapunzal tower

A replica of Rapunzal tower. this is a revisit work on the weekend challenge I did sometime ago.


Very Nice and moody!

I feel like the floating lights detract from the tower by floating in front of it. They might be a better element to add behind it. I also feel like the color tones in the image are all over the place. Although it isn’t bad per say, it could use a more uniform color scheme.

Otherwise, I really like it.

Edit: upon closer inspection the stars seem to be above the clouds as well.

Nice, I really like the lighting and textures of the sky. Also the lights do draw a little attention away from the tower, but other than that, great work!

I like it, however like others have said the lights draw too much attention. If you make them darker colors and dim them and place less in front of the tower and more behind, I think it would help it pop just a little more. Also I would make the plane with the stars extend all the way to the horizon.

nice lighting! and I like your twist on the lanterns. Instead of the yellow ones you changed it up :slight_smile: well done

Thanks for the comment! I think the light do draw a little attention away, I think I will come back to this later, tho…