Rare, prehistoric-age reptile found in New Zealand


Ooh, can we genetically engineer these to have wings and breath fire?

I’m going to make a prediction - first pet dragon within 100 years!

looks like an iguana to me. other than it’s genetic material and rarity, what’s the fuss about?

Yeah Tuatara are pretty cool.

I remember going and seeing them as a kid when the breeding programs were a pretty new thing.

They now have the Karori Bird sanctuary which is a large fenced off area of bush which they keep 100% predator free. The fence is massive, a little like a Jurassic park for birds…

Wetas are one of the other cool things around, very freaky little critters, before the Karori sanctuary was made i remember walking into the caves around the area and being freaked completely out by the giant cave wetas hanging off the roof.

I want one of those.:smiley:

Having a pet Dragon would be pretty nice too, as a Dragon myself I wouldn’t be able to rip myself away from an actual pet Dragon.