Just some raspberries :slight_smile:

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It kinda sucks how the one non rendered pic became your thumbnail…

I don’t know what went wrong but I fixed it. Thanks for the information!

No problem. How did you do that? Is there an option to set your thumbnail manually?

Nice work! How did you model the raspberries? (noob here)

I am quite like the white version, looks so sweety:yes:

I didn’t found any, but I rearranged the attachments in the manager. It seems to work this way :slight_smile:

First I modeled a fruitlet. Quite simple, just a ball with some modifications.

Then i created a normal cylinder with just a few polygons and added a particle system that uses the vertices of it. Then I took the fruitlet and used its geometry for the particles.

That’s it :slight_smile:

finger up!! cool!!):wink: