raspberry pi anyone.......

yep, the topic…is on the raspberry pi
the question would or have you managed to use blender(2.6x) on this platform…

Here’s one of the more popular videos on the Raspberry Pi

And the official website.

For such an inexpensive device there’s quite a bit of power, but I believe I’ve read elsewhere that it may still be more convenient to just buy a high-end PC for rendering if you need a lot of power because of all the Pi’s needed otherwise.

What I’m interested in is whether or not it’s possible to connect a bunch of Pi’s to a regular PC so you can use them to provide a little more juice for rendering once the Cycles engine becomes network capable.

It would be interesting to connect many PC’s to create a single frame on the Cycles engine.

Hi, you need thousand of it to get the power of one GTX 680. It is ~ Pentium III 800 MHz.
But I am still on the mailing list to get one, the first 10000 are sold in a few hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice project, indeed.

I was going to buy one, had signed up for the pre order mail and all, but discovered the stores really realllllyyy suck.

anywho, you’d just have to compile blender your self I reckon.
But I’d not use it for blender, the low amount of ram alone is a pretty big issue.

Blender won’t run on such a SOC, you’d need to port all the OpenGL code to OpenGL ES. (Unless I am mistaken and it provides an OpenGL context, but I believe it doesn’t)
Then you’d have to weed out all the other dependencies of blender that are not available on ARM. (not sure about that)
I’m sure there’s some interest to at least port the game engine to ARM/GL ES so we can get things to run on e.g. Android, too.

There is an android port project in the works (Alexku I think is the dev), maybe it won’t be too much of a pita to get it working

There was something about this on the Blender dev mailing list.

My take on this would be to use for modelling with use of linux swap space
my understanding of linux swap space is that it extends the ram when the system suffers from lack of it so maybe blender arm could extend to these sort platforms(which im sure that more are in the making)

this would be good for modelling due to its low power consumption which great for business for its cost:ability ratio

I do not think the Raspbery PI would work well together with any real application work. What I’m confused about in the spec is the availability of a HDMI port with only 256 MB ram. In my opinion this does not work out, as I expect higher memory consumption for any graphic output that is worthy of HDMI. I therefore believe the HDMI port was only put there because it was easier or more general purpose to put HDMI on the board than any other output (VGA, DVI)

They show BBB playing in HD quality in that video, quite smoothly from what I can tell.

HDMI is a good choice of video output for the Raspi for a number of reasons:

  • Its small size
  • It can also output audio
  • It can be passively converted to DVI
  • DVI can be passively converted to VGA
  • And of course it’s a pretty widely adopted standard