Raspberry Snail Transport

Hey guys!
This is a project I’ve been working on for a very long time and I really want to make it look good, because I plan to add it to my portfolio, where I only show my best work.
The idea is that the snail is transporting raspberries to a construction site, because these purple snails build houses out of raspberries. And unfortunately the snail has lost a few berries.

This is an older render, where I only rendered the snail:

Clay render:

I sculpted the snail in ZBrush and then did everything else in Blender.
All the textures on the snail were painted by me using vertex painting. For the grass environment I used the addon Grasswald. The rest of the textures were from Poliigon.com
I’d be very grateful for critique, especially regarding if one can understand the story I attempted to tell with the image.


Nice work!

  1. blue for the sky reflected in the shell.
    2.too blue for the scene
    3.also too blue for the scene and too monochromatic pulls the snail right out the scene. Feels too unnatural like light just wouldn’t do that as much as you want him to be the purplest snail.
  2. perhaps some dirt on the under side where hes been sliding. and he doesn’t quiet sit right in it.
  3. I find the story will be just fine without the sign we wont know he is constructor but do we need to? and it doesn’t really add anything else visually…

no complaints about background nicely done : )
even got the little leaves at the foreground.