Raspberry wine product visualization

This was a Raspberry wine label design project, for a brand called Trastena. A requirement of the project was to make a product visualization of the final bottles and labels in a realistic setup. That’s when the fun in Blender began…

I wrote a lot about the development of the project, but the forum crashed on me and it’s all gone! :slight_smile: So, if you what to know something about how I made this image, just ask. I’d love to go in length, but only if you want me to. :slight_smile: The raspberries were especially interesting to make, and tutorials for them are nowhere to be found.

I’m really interested how you made that raspberry. Can you show us node setup and wireframes?

Wow, that’s simply amazing! Incredibly realistic, but something seems off about the reflective red thing (Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what it’s called). Great work!

I created the raspberries by modelling the single module of the raspberry (a distorted sphere + a short cilinder for the hair at the end). I use the as duplivert instances over the surface of an icosphere.

As for the main material, here is a screenshot of the node setup.