This are my raspberries study in cycles using the array modifier. I wanted to create something totally procedural, but for some reason cycles won’t accept the hair or the modifiers. Sometimes it renders, sometimes the mesh gets crashed.

But it is still a little procedural. I can change the number of arrays anytime and it will be deformed by the lattice and change the emitter. But then I have to apply the modifiers and convert the fur to mesh.

I am not fully satisfied with it. The array leaves a hole in the back, the shader is not like I wish it was and there is the whole problem of having to convert the meshes. I am uploading it to blendswap, should anyone be able to fix those problems or get a better result…

One is the first attempt. The second was trying to make with more “subsurface”.

The blendswap link

If anyone can improve it I would be more then happy to know how.

And the hdr can be found here


I changed the color according to suggestions. Or at least tried.



Absolutely beautiful!

WHAT IS THIS MAGIC!!! BURN THE WITCH! o_O its a very nice render…

Those are some very good looking raspberries.

That really is incredible. And it’s only going to look better and better the more you bump up the samples!

Pretty damn good, I think. did you use the ray-length feature?

Thanks a lot for the comments. I received ideas elsewhere that they should be darker. I will try that. And also more samples.

No, but I have been playing with that. I love it! But I did not use for 2 reasons. My tests with that in this case did not get very good results (probably because I understand very little how this feature works, but it worked great on my ocean attempts). And second because this is not official yet. I wanted to make a file that most people could see and improve it. Not requiring a special build.

But I am looking forward for the official version with it and for tutorials explaining how to use it better.

Great work. This should be in the gallery.

very good! congrats!

Looks like you took a photo! Awesome job!

Beautiful render. Cycles is getting better and better. :slight_smile:
Maybe you could try to add some leaves, or change some of raspberries to not yet mature?

Thanks everyone.

But they don’t have leaves, do they? I have never really seen this kind here in brasil. I just used a photo as reference.

Anyway, here is a shader a little different from some of the feedback. I guess hey look more ripe and a little more realistic. But it is actually difficult to see the difference.


i think they are just perfect… TO THE GALLERY…AWAAAAAAY!

I would agree with the darker comment, maybe a mix between what you have and a red wine colour. You could add a stem or two if you wanted some variation, if you pick them the less ripe ones seem to break at the stem (by stem I mean the part that originally occupies the centre of the raspberry and then a little nub on top) Overall it’s a top notch effort, I would suggest moving it over to focused critique. You can fool the general public with what you have now, I think with a little tweaking you could fool some cg artists too.

Now I see… I actually did not know how did they connect with the tree, with that hole inside… And the tree has thorns! And the thing looks a lot like a strawberry!

I have never seen this fruit in my life. And that is a very bad practice when you try to recreate something… I should have studied it better.

But this kind of just got born over a play with arrays. I saw how it behaved and thought “this could be some fruit…”

And its interesting that forum of focused critiques… I did not go there before. They say it is for works you spent some long time there. This was a quick work. But I want to make a splash in milk with it. Maybe I should post it there.

Or the biggest work I am doing alongside. Thanks for the suggestion

I like it, but shouldn’t the raspberries be more red/purple? they look a bit unripe to me.

@guismo: these look pretty good, I grew up with raspberry bushes in my back yard and these are pretty close - especially the one with the darker color. You could make them even more dark, though. They are also a little less shiny in real life.

Pretty impressive that you have never seen one! Try one if you get a chance, they are great. They taste like maybe a cross between strawberry and blackberry.

There are things that look like that here in brazil. But they are smaller and are only good when they are almost black.

I am trying to make them darker yet. And some other attempts as well.

I know this thread is dead but I think the revival is well worth it. I gave the file you uploaded a go with my own material and I think it is a tad bit better but I’ll leave it up to your judgement.

Here’s the render:

It needs some post production work with the brightness and everything but this is the raw render.

I like it. Care to show the material nodes?
My only point is that you removed the reflection. I guess they have to have reflection.

This could get much better with the new hair patch. No longer will I need to convert them to meshes like I did in this file.