Raster in grease pencil

I had to suffer for a long time trying to get the brush to the right place while you could do it on the drawing itself if you could draw on the object itself in 3D Vivport as implemented on 3D objects

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people share their opinions on this topic, maybe something is not clear, I will try to explain my idea better

Raster in grease pencil is not possible, since Blender is 3D software, and rasters in 3D basically are not possible: You need a 3D object (face or triangle as canvas) to draw a raster over it (texture). Grease pencil is really a 3D object (Vector) that is converted to something a videocard can draw (faces, vertices, edges).

Think minecraft for example: it appears as old school 8 bit graphics, but in reality it’s rasters drawn over complex geometry.

Basically, grease pencil shares the same limitations as, let’s say “adobe illustrator” or “inkscape”. But they can bypass some of these, since these are still 2D only programs so they can emulate a canvas, with some severe limitations of course. YMMV.

Your best bet is to draw what you can draw with grease pencil, and draw details on gimp, krita, photoshop or whatever, then convert the raster to “curves” and follow the answers given there:

Good luck on that.

but in a Grease pencil texture shading is available! I’m talking about drawing on texture in 3D Vivport

Ah, ok… Now makes sense. Maybe another user can help you in this sense, Texturing on GP is not my forte.

Thank you for participating in the discussion of this topic.

Hmm, yes if we consider the fill of a grease pencil object to be essentially an ngon face, maybe it could be auto UV’d for texel painting. Would have to inquire with the GP developers though. I’m not sure how they handle it in code, but in theory it should be possible.

Thank you, I also think that this is possible, but I do not know how to explain this to the developers, I am writing through a translator, so it is difficult for me to express my thoughts

Can I contact the developers to get their opinion on this idea?

Feature proposals can be made on right click select:

I tried, I could not explain what I was talking about, they could not understand, I could not correctly translate into English

even here I am surprised that they understood me :улыбка:

It’s probably not impossible, but I bet that the GP devs won’t want this because they’re aiming GP at animation, and raster images don’t really fit that all that well.

You can however just put a plane in your scene and paint on it with the texture painting functionality.

yes, but there is Texturing on GP on which you could also draw in 3D Vivport, in the animation there are backgrounds some non-animated objects that you can draw and decorate in the program itself without resorting to the third party po