Raster overlay and auto play?

Is it possible to have an image overlay that appears in the camera view but is not in the 3d world?

Is it possible to write a script to auto play your game from a CD?

Yes, from the header of the 3D window select View->Background Image. When you load a picture it will only be visible through a camera or through the orthographic Front, Side, or Top views. When you render it will not be visible (what’s what the backbuf property is for under the output tab of the Render Buttons).

Yes, you will need to essentially create a batch script and name it autorun.ini. As you probably know, Blender doesn’t actually have to be installed to run, so you just need a copy of your game and the blender player. Do a google search to find out how to set up the autorun.ini.

RipSting, Thanks for the autorun info! :smiley: