Rasterizer high in 2.47 apricot branch

Hello blenderheads, I use apricot branch for its powerfull glsl for a simulation and when I run it the rasterizer rise to 80% or more, sometimes over 100%, so my simulation lags. I run it with glsl enabled, a lot of materials with heavy nodes, lot of textures and some are large. I have found this topic about a problem similar but in blender 2.46 http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=125316 It appears to be a bug in 2.46 but the problem could be solved switching “Vertex Array” to On in “Blender Preferences/System And OpenGL”. The problem is that in 2.47 there is no more “Vertex Array” button. After that I made some tests :

  • with GLSL materials rasterizer high without Shadows, with and without Extra Textures, Nodes, Shaders, Ramps without amelioration and without lights Blender crashes.
  • with multitexture materials all the same
  • only with texture face materials rasterizer falls to 30%

So the nodes for my shaders don’t seem to be the cause of the problem, is it a bug, or is my scene too high ?

My configuration :
Athlon X2 64 3600+
Geforce 7600 GT
Win 2000 Pro
Release-2.47 SVN 16369 - Apricot frm Graphicall

Thanks for your help