Rasterizer problem in game

What exactly is Rasterizer? When I start the game it runs at 60fps and the rasterizer is about 18 and when I fire the guns smoke appears and it goes up to 26 and fps goes to ~23. What could be the problem? just to many objects? I’ve only got one boat and water in the scene other than the smoke that appears when I fire.

i got the same question what is rasterizer for?

Rasterizer is the in game draw, the “what you see” element

basicly the rasterize the screen. the smoke might be to high of a resolution so the resolution on the rasteriser has to go up to suport it. try changing your smoke resolution. i realize once the smoke has been baked that is realy hard. sorry thats how it is. i don’t know what im talking about though, so dont quote me on that.

hmm…so by that it means that the game graphics is too high for the rasterizer support?

You have too many verts.
Use only low-poly models when making a game.
Also use as few objects as possible to get what you want.

wow ,if i have to reduce the vertices then id have to create a game for atari,and im serious bout that dude,the only “high” poly mesh is the terrain but i already reduced a lot of it by using the decimate modifier and now i can see clearly the triangles which they are mostly big but ill try to make it even with less vertices and see how it works!
thx for clearifying things!
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Hm, what are you using to make the smoke effect?

ok i decreased the poly count of the landscape even more,there was 14957 vertices now it has 2623 vertices,the framerate went up 8 fps which is good,but id like to know if the first count was too high?

Yeah that is quite a bit of verts.
You should be able to create a descent environment with a reasonable amount.
Try using set smooth and normal maps to make it look more detailed with less verts.

yeah i know,i only used a baked Ao image for the volume so the appereance didnt change even with the vertices reduced ,due to the fact that im using the ao image for volume but a normal map would be kool too :smiley:

Some empties with “add object” then some planes with textures. I tried to upload a .blend but it wont upload.
Here is a vid

The Rasterizer in the profile display is the time that is used for render.

In other words how long it takes to paint the picture you see ;).

This is very sensible to:

  • the numbers of faces within the camera frustum
  • number and size of textures
  • alpha blending (opaque, clip alpha, alpha, add)
  • lighting
  • shadows

Alpha is a large performance eater:

  • As larger the area of the alpha is as more performance it eats (one large alpha face is worse then a few small alpha faces).
  • Alpha faces eat performance even if not visible (covered behind an opaque face)

You should try to use alpha as least as possible. E.g. Avoid to simulate fog or smoke with a lot of semitransparent objects ;). If you really need to, try to reduce the number of such faces as much as possible.

Oh so that’s why the frame rate drops when I get really close to the smoke. Thank you now I understand! =D

nice Explanation Monster,thanx a lot for clearfying that!