I’, playing with Rasterizer modul in B.2.25. and i’m wondred that
…isn’t working.
I don’t understand why.
when i use this modul blender don’t show me any error.

do you know why?


What kind of blender do you use?
Because if you run the script, you need to NOT have a WORLD SETTING in you blend file. If you already have one, and run the script with python world settings, if will cause a error, and use the world setting setup in blender and not from the script.

if you use 2.25:

  • delete the world settings, and run the python script on always sensor connected to the add brick with the name typed name of the script.

if you use 2.34 or ealier but not 2.25

  • you have to set the pyhsics engine in world settings to Sumo, that will cause that you have added a world setting, and the script doesn’t run with a world setting in your blender file, what you can do:

-.) select a object to be a actor, add a world setting and select Sumo, set the actor settings on the selected object, afther that delete world settings and you can run the script, but no idea if the pyhsics will work.

That’s how I can help you, the problem in 2.34 is that you have to set a world setting, but that causes that the python world settings don’t work. So the developers didn’t really think about this, but I hope it changes some time. :smiley:

Nice, I did not know about that.


i use blender 2.25
ofcourse I was setup the world settings. so this was the problem.

thx jm

No problem, it just sounds nice when I can help people with there problems. I was a little away from elysiun for a while because of the holiday. But when I saw more activity about things where I can help or comment on, I feel the urgent to help. :stuck_out_tongue: