Rasterizer slowing game, but not do to deformations

I recently tried a high poly stand in, and a “Gi-Joe” with the same number of faces(no deformations, just joints like a doll)

The results were surprising

6%-8% on deformed mode AND Gi-Joe style model

I have begun hacking out polygons on my protagonist, he may end up quite blocky, but he is on his way,

has anyone else ever made a physical walk cycle?

Yes. Is that your question?

you are not the first one in making this kind of stuff…

Yeah, if you notice I am on that thread :slight_smile:

it was more of a “hey faces are the problem” not my rig :slight_smile:

X faces- jointed vers X faces deformed = almost the same result, the ik solver +rasterizer use the same%