Rat test :)

Hi buddies … We are making a short inhouse animation project for testing blender and other opensource tools . Having lots of fun too . C & C are most welcome .

The second set of drawings look like a different character. Are they?

Assuming the model sheet is for two different characters, the character in the walk test looks pretty darned close to spec for the first one and I like the attitude that comes across in the walk. It speaks volumes about who this guy is.

1st set is the recent one, the second one is the early character exploration sketches.

Definitely very nice! Love the sketches.

Hi… soon we’ll put some updates…:yes:

Animator at
BluePixels Animation Studio

Hi all,
It’s been long time…:yes: Just wanted to show some of our work in progress here… We have done some additional fur tests and animation tests for our ‘ELEE’ character(that’s his name) , it’s all in early stage and need to be developed… C & C are most welcome … :o

Hope you all like it…:smiley:

:yes:… Yes…

these animations are sick!
well done!

Thanks… :slight_smile: