Hi, can someone help with my rat project? Is there an easy wasy to bridge the two halves of the rats w/o creating face after face all the way through? Also, what is the best way to make these guys furry? C&C’s? Thanks in advance!


Are the two halves exactly together (as in, are their vertices on top of one another at the join)? If so, select all vertices, press W->Remove Doubles.

No they are not. :confused: Is there any way to align selected verts to a straight line?

You could extrude the vertices on each side towards the other. Then scale them to 0 in the axis that you’re moving it on. Then remove doubles.
Sorry, is that clear?

Huh? Did you model one half and then mirror it for the other half? If so, then they should be perfectly alignable for remove doubles…?

Nice models btw :wink:

From Daniel

I suggest getting one half of the model exactly as you want it to look, then add a “mirror” modifier (ver. 2.4), this will give you the whole rat. Actually you can add the mirror modifier at any time, then tweak things to where you want them. Make sure the mirror modifier is at the top of the modifier stack and when you are read to join both halves into one mesh, click on “Apply” in the mirror modifier menu (the mirror modifier MUST be at the top of the modifier stack for “Apply” to work. After you have applied the modifier you will have one whole mesh, the vertices are merged automatically.
Hope that makes sense! :smiley:

Great tips. Thanks for all the help everyone!


Okay, I’m too lazy to make it fuzzy (maybe some other time). I decided to keep its style and make it a desktop. I added DNA and a cage.
Enjoy. :slight_smile:


P.S. Which is do you think is better?