Rate the avatar below you

“two and a half stars out of four” WHAT? has a time displacement force curve re-aligned the visuals of my avatar ? Still it could have much been worser!

I rate the next avatar a super dooper whooper with sprinkles.

I rate the next one 13.8175802 out of 14… …phipie. By the way, if you Google that you only get three hits.

EDIT: If you do Google it, don’t click any of the links! It’s conspiracy drivel trying to link Buddha and Hitler and the Illuminati. Read it and your brains will fall out of your nose in chunks. That happened to me and now I have to clean my keyboard.

AAAAAAGGGGHHH!!! By the way, is Hillary Clinton involved in the conspiracy? And why haven’t “Hillary Clinton” and “Sarah Palin” been seen in public at the same time?

But I digress.

Next avatar: 300 fps.

Awesome rating! Thanks a lot! I hope it isn’t moving too fast for you!

Next: it’s worth a cinnamon-raisin bagel, what ever that means to you!

I like raisins and I like cinnamon but I don’t think raisins belong in a bagel. Next avatar is rated 1691.81758 (upside down five-pointed) stars, which, in the spirit of that horrid conspiracy blog, is piphie + 88 + 13 + 911+ 666.

I don’t get it.

The next avatar is one about saving the Earth and being green because of orders from the Gore/Hansen inquisition

Well, it does have a plant in it.

Next: 27% APR for 30 yrs.

More like being purple. And please don’t try to slip in political stuff like that.

Also, the number joke was about the blog I found googling ( Is that how you spell it?) phipie.

I was talking to CD last time. Would you mind telling this whiny little kid what APR is?

Maybe I should have said Elvis/Bigfoot/Batboy/Jimmy Hoffa :p?

Next: still 27% APR for 30 yrs (only rate I could think of, I’ll keep thinking)

APR= Annual Percentage Rate (interest on mortgages, credit cards, etc.)

Could I get 27% on my college savings account or do they call it something else when the interest is good?

Never mind.

Next avatar: $1US=£0.65 approximately.

(Sorry, took me some time to come up with another “rate”)

It’s yours!* :D:D

Next one gets cos(30) - sin(60).

*Cash accepted only through Paypal.

Nice, but I hope that’s good.:confused:

Next: your avatar is worth a peanut butter-banana milkshake from Sonic.

I’m lactose intolerant, but thanks anyway.

soc 30 - sin 60 = about .5

Next avatar is rated 9/10. ( I’m feeling boring today! )

WOOHOO!!! Thanks, I’ll fix you a milkshake with Lactaid milk :smiley:

Next: $ 250/hr

Wow! I guess that’s nice!:smiley:

Next: peanut butter/banana/whipped cream sandwich:D

Next avatar’s rating is… 9.75/10.

Awww, come on! Surely it’s got to be something!

Next: D=RxT

I un-pended your rating.

Next avatar is rated A^2+B^2=C^2