Rating System on Elysiun?

(BgDM) #1

This is directed more toward Kib than the rest of the group, but please post your comments as well on this.

I was wondering if we could get a rating system in place on the Artwork and Contest sections of the forum, similar to the way CGTalk does it, (i.e. 1-5 stars, or something similar)? I think this would be a great idea, as it would give people a way to give additional feedback over and above there normal comments, and would give the artists some additional praise.

What does everyone else think of this? And Kib, can this be done?


(Green) #2

-0 redundant

(SKPjason) #3

I agree with Green… tho my seconding what he said is kinda redundant… :wink:

(BgDM) #4

OK, I guess that puts the kibosh, (<-SP), on that one. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for nothing :wink: J/K


(blengine) #5

i like the idea…cgtalk has lots of cool ideas, especially the logos people can have under their nickname in the forums, its awesome seeing all those cool logos

(S68) #6

Well, rating is probably not a big issue, but I agree that it is not overly necessary. Maybe only forum where is is useful is a Q&A and an eventual ‘Tutorials’ Forum, so that you can get at a glance which are the interesting question and answers and which are the really good tutorials.

For the IMT and Chat Fori (1 Forum, 2 Fori) tastes are so personal that rating a thread more than another is just an addition to the ‘number of posts’

The loghi beneath the names are technically ‘Avatars’ and have been kept out from Elysium by Kib esplicitely, mainly for the same reason because images are forbidden in the signatures.