ratskol Aircraft

am working on this, thought i’d share it

disgard this post.

Almost looks like a wraith dart ship, from Stargate Atlantis. Are you basing this on it?

DDD nope, at least, not consciously. It’s more like a skull of some sort :slight_smile:

Looks good - the “circle” ear type thing that I am presuming to be thrust related seems to off the overall concept. How far are you prepared to take this project if I may ask ?

Agreed, for now they are placeholders, to be replaced with a turbine/jet engine. This was sculpted first in sculptris, then retopo was done in blender 2.5x, almost finished the retopo ( hand optimized ), then i start to tidy the details. I’m wanting to do a hangar/ inside mothership for this for environmental renders…a few good renders for the portfolio :slight_smile: maybe some cinematics