Ravage Tranformer G1

I had a toy like this… Lost the toy… so I’ve made another.
I plan on making an animation of it transforming.


cool, i’m making optimus prime, but not the toy one. Check it out - its on my signature. Good luck! I will keep an eye on this thread.

I had the T-REX Dynobot toy and I lost it! What a jerk I am ! Actually I had several dinobots … bah…

I love the design so far , cant wait for the animation.

By the way have you seen its version of what you are making in TRANSFORMER 2 trailer ? If you have not then check this out.

Do you see the evil bot at 0:35 after the text “revenge” appears on the screen ? OH YEAHHHH I think I Just crap my pants…

Well got it rigged now on to the rest.


Ok I put the model in the scene, I’ve been kicking around whether to make it change size as it would in the cartoon.


Finally put up the animation.

dead link ! It does not open.

very good rendering , very unrealistic animation.

Yeah, I need to practice animation. Since I’ve been focusing on modeling an lighting most of the time I’ve been using blender.