Raven - A short movie project

Hi, I’ve started a new little project which is called Raven. Raven is a superhero and he’ll have a ravenbird by his side. I’m going to focus on one scene for a start that I know I can pull off. I have the story of the scene done and I’m worming up with the ravenbird right now :). I’m going for a realistic look with a touch of marvel in it which I like.

this is how far I’ve got

I’m going to have a blogg about the progress at my new site: www.freewebs.com/dunderdan under Raven News.

Stay tuned.

More and longer feathers on the wings and the eyes are… usually black:P. Apart from that … looks good, especially the claws…

You should take a close look at references regarding the wings and the rear feathers.
Also, the bottom part of the beak (the jaw beak) seems too thin.

I see al kinds of little similar things that are not quite right. Take a closer look
at those references, and it’ll be better!

But good startingpoint!!!

Looks good, love the legs, but the eyes definately should be black.

Can’t wait to see it done as a film!

i think texture for the eyes would be better, if not eaven more advanced eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch the wings shape.
After that, it depends on what you want, but for a crow, proportions seem a bit off between head and body. But I don’t see it as a problem if you did this ON PURPOSE.

The overall looks good. Yes, the eye should be black or very dark grey and have strong specular reflection.

be well

I might just be repeating what all of these guys already said but if the raven is going to play an important role (such as a symbol or something) then you should add character to the raven,
-something such as yellow eyes with contracting pupils or feathers flying out of him would be cool

all said: the color scheme is looking good for a “shady” type of short

BleedForMe: More feathers on the way, and yes I do know that the feathers should be black but it’s not just a raven :wink: I’ll fill you in later on that.

The M.h.p.e.: thank you, I’ll do that

Cuby: Thank you :slight_smile:

Felix_Kütt: Maybe you’re right about more advanced eyes… I was thinking of having a blue Iris to make him look special…

reywillow: Thank you, now when you say it… the head is defenitly too big.

chuzzy06: yeah the raven has an imortant role in this short, I was thinking of adding abit lose feathers and so to make him look very old…

And finally an update after a long time.


As you all can see I’ve started on the Raven’s mask.
Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.

Nice :smiley: I have a guess on what the movie is about. A guy who can turn himself into a raven? a super-hero maybe? :smiley:

Hi Lasphere, you’re right about that it’s a superhero :slight_smile: but he won’t be able to turn himself into a raven, he’ll on the other hand be having a raven by his side, like his right hand… More to come in a few days, going on autumnbreak next weak and then it’s blendertime for sure! Any crit’s would be appreciated


New update:


Worked on the body, C&Cs appreciated

WOW- extreme detail!! your wicked good at modeling
the only crit I have so far is that his arm muscle doesnt seem to match his torso muscle so far…
just a quick question-how many polys?(just wonderin)

Chussy06: Thank you. Hope the update will be better on the arms.

An other update: Allmost done with the “outfit” still need to make the boots and then his face.
Ve: 29120
Fa: 28736
sub.levels: 2


no offense… reminds me of zebraman:P

Hehe none taken… thank you.

New update: Big one. Modelling of the Raven is now completed!

hope you like it.

it is some damn nice modelling, waiting to see this textured… and eventually… animated:D

Very cool!

can you share your material settings for that upper mask you showed earlier? I’m trying to make something similer and that material is perfect, except I wont need a texture. Everything else looks awsome!

BleedForMe: Thank you. :slight_smile:
Framedworld: Thanks.
Cloudhacker: Sorry, I don’t have the material, it was just a quick materialtest. What I did though was that I added colour ramps which shifted from green to blue. thanks.

And now an update: Done the unwrapping and this is the testimage of it.