I first want to introduce myself, I am from South Africa and work in IT education. I looked at Blender back in 2009 and was fascinated by 3d modelling. I have always been an art person, even now. So I tried my hand at Blender, but I guess I was too ambitious and bit off more than I could chew. I gave up but I still lurked around and admired other peoples work.

I have recently decided to try my hand again at Blender, however I want to do it properly this time. So I have undertaken this project and its all a learning process for me. I figured my interest lies in the actual texturing of objects and environments, not so mush the modelling and other aspects. You will see my amateur attempts at texturing below, as well as learning to work with nodes etc

My vision is to recreate something similar to the following

So far i have tried to keep it very lowpoly, my thought process is that I want to paint in the textures and make use of painted textures and normal maps (I am figuring this all out as I go along)

So I began the process of painting/texturing

It took me a very long time to actually do all the painting all the while learning how to use UV maps, Material nodes and modelling. I am still learning soo much.

This is where I have ended up so far

I am still learning everything, so I would like/appreciate some feedback from anyone if it can improve my skills.

Thank you for looking!

end result is awesome good job
its hard to hand paint textures

great! thanks for the kind words!

this looks realy awesome. how about using a bevelmodifier to make the edges look less sharp.

Great job so far! Always nice to see fellow-South Africans doing cool stuff on here :slight_smile: I’ll be watching your progress :slight_smile:

Great! How do you texturizing?

hahs thanks man, nice to see a fellow South African here as well

Thanks for the suggestion. The straight edges were bothering me. I am trying to understand how it will affect the mesh by adding a bevel mod. From an artistic point of view, less sharp edges would be more realistic. I will research it and try it out. I mostly youtube/google and go through this forum for learning this stuff

I am using the builtin UV editor to do the drawing, once I finish drawing and am happy with it, I create the normal map and then use nodes to finish the model in Cycles. My setup below

you can reduce the bevel effect very easy, there are sliders in the modifier. with width you can control the thickness of the cut of edge and with segments you can control the “subdivision” of the bevel effect. in combination with smooth shading it might give your building an aged look without using more polygons.

Nice job :slight_smile:

Gautengalenger here texturing looks good so far .I find texturing to be far more difficult than the modeling.

Thanks for this suggestion. I am busy trying this out, very useful feature I must say. Trying to find a balance between too curved and too straight. Its noticeable in the images above, Im not sure if it will be when all the models are placed in. I can never settle on how much mesh detail etc to add in.

Thanks, appreciate it!

Awesome another South African! I think for me, I am someone who likes drawing so I am naturally drawn to texturing (excuse the pun). Modelling I hope to improve as I am going along learning.

Hi Everyone

Back again with some progress, I would like some feedback on my latest work. Im looking at the texturing between the two structures and trying to determine if they are too different. I figured the “plastering” is slower to fall of the tower. What is your opinion of this aesthetically? All C&C welcome


edit: almost forgot, Im not 100% happy with the straight edges, thats still a WIP as I dabble with Bevel

it seems that you are using two different colors for the two different textures. the eye isn´t easy to fool so you got two choices: give both textures the same color or and this is what i would love even more: use the color of the lower objects texture where the stones shine through the wall. it will give the whole structure a look that says: all stones come from the same quarry and you got a connection of the upper and the lower structure.

Agre totally with what S.Markt said if you look at the picture you are working towards the top has the same mossy texture as the bottom .With your texturing the top does not look like it belongs maybe adding that mossy effect might be enough to tie them together

pretty cool, you can also paint directly onto the model( in case you didn’t know) i got a wacom intuos and it is amazing. Painting onto 3d model using eyedrop tool really speeds up things… Considering the model i agree with s-markt and I personally would add a little bit more of highlights on the bricks. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for all the feedback, I will definitely look into. I have been busy with work so unfortunately this has taken the back seat. Hopefully will get some work into it now

Excuse the image quality. Making some progress with textures and colours

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Hello! Nice work!
It seams to me that you paint the edges of the building like the paint between the normal stones, (black or darker) That’s not good, it makes it feel like you have made the corner, or edge with two stones, with is never the case when you are making a house of stone, the corners, are always one stone. (believe me, I have made some)

very nice so far!