Have just finished my latest project.
I had the idea while looking at a picture of a foggy fence scene.
Everything in Blender exept the background tree and a bit of postprocessing in Photoshop.
300 Samples in Cycles.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Love it! Your attention to detail makes this image. I think the textures and modelling are both well done.

Just short of 5 stars from me - Only crit is the tree placement behind the bird makes it difficult to see exactly what it is. At first I thought it was a cloud…then thought it was a mountain…then figured out tree. Fix that - and easy 5 stars. Love the overall tone of the image.

Thats just great. I love the look of the grass and I think you got the light perfect for a foggy scene like this. Only thing that catches my eye, is that the fog looks really really thick in the background, a bit too thick imo.

Great work!

To me, the grass in the foreground seems way to bright and saturated for a heavy fog day. Also, the upper right area seems a bit empty compositionwise. Also, the tree in the background looks like it’s covered in snow.

every detail is so nicely done… composition is also great…just one is thing is off balance and it is that front crow… it is too dark… apart from that it is perfect…

Thank you very much guys :slight_smile:
Jea there are always some things and the hardest part for me is to find the balance between overdoing an too settled. I always tend to overdoing it :smiley:
I liked the tree actually i thought it had a kind of frosty foggy look.
In my reverence picture it´s also hard to see the tree because of the fog. Don´t know what to change exept a bit green colour or making it even less visible.

I like it a lot. It looks like a combination of a painting and a photo. The tree behind the crow was one of the best parts ino. I’d add a little more de-focus to break up the hardness of the fence going off into the fog. The shading on bottom of the crow at the right looks a little strange, maybe it’s just not uniform enough.

A few flies couldn’t hurt. :wink:

this is absolutely fantastic

could we see a clay and wireframe render please

that looks great, I’d love to see some wireframes:)

Wow, really nice mood and the grass looks very realistic! :slight_smile:

I think this is fantastic. Love the ravens and the detail put into the fence.

My only critique is the tree looks out of place to me. i think it distracts from the image and on a day that foggy, it would at best appear as a silhouette at best.

I say yank the tree. Other than that - awesome.