Ravenshield model extracted from ukx

I recently installed ravenshield, and as I was playing it, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you could extract ukx files’ because I was searching in the game folder and found a bunch of .ukx files. So I jumped on the internet and searched ukx extractor, and I found umodel. I used umodel, and glintercept (for the textures)It’s basically the ‘LightMesh’ file from the game. All characters, levels, meshes, etc Copyright Ubisoft. I am in no way affiliated with Ubisoft.
Test Render:[ATTACH=CONFIG]130005[/ATTACH]

I think this belongs more in the Test forum rather than Works in Progress since it isn’t actually your work. Not to mention I’m not sure that it’s entirely legal to use the game content in this way, correct me if I’m wrong though.

it’s only illegal if you make a game with it and then sell it, which i’m not going to do. All i’m doing is seeing how the model was constructed. Also, how do you move posts? Thank you.