Raw AVI output is slanted

I’m not sure how this happens or what to call it, but I rendered a “Raw AVI” at 713x290 and the AVI that blender created plays back fine in Blender, but everywhere else (winamp, ffmpeg, Adobe Flash) it plays back slanted to the right like it has bad tracking or something. I can’t use it this way, obviously. The only place it plays back right is in Windows Media Player, and I’m not sure why. The same thing happens when I use “AVI Codec: Full Frames”

I’ve tried AVI JPEG, but that inserts a black block that covers the left side of the video for some reason… any ideas on why these things are happening?

video does not play nice with bizzare ratios and aspects. try rendering to NTSC presets.

The windows SDK for AVI codecs requires the width of the image to be multiple of 4.
I thought blender did some nice padding to achieve that, well obviously not

ps some codecs even require powers of 2