RAW editing (noob)

Hi all!

I’ve been using blender for a couple of weeks and have found that a nice way to edit my projects is to just look at a .raw file of all the face/vertex coordinates and spend a bit of time editing them one by one. A little tedious i know, but without in depth knowledge of this program i see it as a sort of cheat of getting past the hard interface controls :D.
Now this was going all good and i was drawing some pretty pictures until i went to edit a project of a face i had done a bit of extruding with in the program and i exported to a RAW file to clean it up and all i got was the coordinates to a single cube.
Since i have extruded across the whole page and have dozens of cubes/face/vertices sitting there i was wondering why they didn’t show up in the raw file. Any help in sorting this out would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forums! Yeah, editing coordinates manually is way easier than using that GUI…:smiley:

Why not spend the time you waste on manually editing some obscure numbers in an obscure file to read some tutorials?