Ray and Clovis: Knock Knock

Theory Animation presents the second installment of Ray and Clovis, titled “Knock Knock”! Ray the iguana has a great knock knock joke to share with Clovis the cat…

All made and animated in Blender, rendered in Cycles and edge rendering in Internal. We hope you like it!!


I like this… :smiley:


Thanks!! Everyone has worked hard on this :smiley:

Great job ! Very funny

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing more of these :slight_smile:

:smiley: Third episode will be in approx. 3 weeks

Solid facial animation. I like the art direction, gives me a nostalgic 90s cartoon vibe. One thing that stood out to me was a little bit of lighting inconsistency, but over all its solid and great promotional material for Blender.

Thanks, the bosses were there at Siggraph and showed it there as well - and I agree about the lighting, we worked it out I hope on the third episode. It was surprising to see that overnight we had jumped to 700 views since yesterday - that was a wow moment :smiley:

The youtube channel also will feature tutorial videos on animation as we go I hope.

Good to know. I missed Siggraph this year, a drive down to Anaheim with LA traffic is comparable to a trip to Mt Doom in Middle Earth. I’m checking out the rest of the youtube channel now. Being primarily a Maya guy, I like the fact theres a maya to blender tutorial regarding animation. Thats a good approach, since most students will be learning from maya as the 3d standard.

David is looking at making more I believe. Our animators all come from Maya, Max, and Softimage.

Great script! :smiley: Facial animation rocks!
I’m not great in English and 1st I’ve thought he will be trolling the green guy pretending that he doesn’t knows about “knock-knock” joke but later make laugh at him ) But when he did some “Claus move” (that fish from American dad)… that was really funny ))

^ im glad i dont have to do the animation XD