ray cast or advanced polar array

hi there,
i was wondering if its possible to make blender do something. Ive got the code for sketchup to make it cast edges or lines or ‘rays’ from every object in the scene to every other object in the scene. for instance if i had 3 objects there would be two lines come from each object.
if required i can find the ruby script if that would make it easier?
on an additional quest is it possible to make the objects cast tubes instead? like if i define the object (like a tube) can i have blender cast the object (a tube) for the length of the edge?
i imagine it might have something to do with telling blender what the objects xyz axis is then coding it so the object would stretch along the y axis (giving a longer or shorter tube without effecting the thickness)

hey. thanks so much for getting back to me. im afraid i need straight lines to the components. the stuff youve done looks really cool though! i wish my concept did have more curves now though haha!