Ray gun

A classic space opera prop, now brought to life. What do you think of it? The handle is made from two beizer curves, and I would have converted it to a mesh except that I’d like to add a ‘trigger’ hole. I’m wondering if it’s possible to convert it into a nurbs cylinder for further editing.

Ummmmm, I do not see the image.

Yup… Another case of “I forgot to upload the Image”.

Lol!..thats funny…sounds cool tho

&%*#@$… I can’t believe I did that.


do oyu know about set smooth?..and also im guessing this is a really early stage of this?..(nice basic shape tho)(kinda typical)

Yeah, you need to set smooth the curved objects (that is, all of them). Also,if there ore meshes with both flat and curved faces the EdgeSplit modifier will come in handy.

Yeah, I know about smooth and solid, although I’ve never used the edge split modifier before. How does it work?

When applied to a smooth mesh, the Edgesplit mod identifies which edge angles are sharper, and then renders them as solid. You can set the degree to which the edgesplit modifier works (say, every angle under 60º is rendered solid) and also set edges as sharp manually in the Edge Specials menu(Ctrl-E).

why would you want that?..it just takes longer too render…according to me

A quick example…


From left to right:
●Set Solid.
●Set Smooth
●Set Smooth with Edgesplit Modifier.

You be the judge. Though it does slow the renders a little.

You might as well try subsurfs.

You can find a great tutorial on subsurf here. (If the link doesn’t work go to http://www.blender.org/education-help/video-tutorials/modelmateriallight/ and download the subdivision surfaces tutorial)

Hope it’s useful! :slight_smile:

But doesn’t the Auto Smooth button under the Mesh panel do the same thing?

Yeah pretty much, the main differences are that with AutoSmooth the effect isn’t applied until rendering, so it looks messier in the 3D editor, and I’m not sure if AutoSmooth lets you define edges to be sharp that are outside the angle range specified.