"Ray Gun"

Just a fun project I decided to do. I’ve always been a fan of the 1930s style ray guns from old scifi serials

This one made me smile when I saw it. Instantly recognizable and good execution. Nice glowy effect inside. Keep up the good work.

Radical. Got a scene where it’s more lit up? I’d like to examine it a bit more.

Not the most detailed model. The lighting in my image above is what sells it.

I really like this second render the red materials is just really nice to look at.

I like it a lot, for the top render, I would put a little light on the front of model so it is not quite so dark. I like that you made a pretty model very simply without a lot texturing.

A very dim, maybe slightly bluish, directional light behind the camera might be useful.

(This detail could be rendered separately, e.g. with BI, and then comp’d over what you have…)

No, you don’t want to conquer “the effect that sells the shot,” but the dark areas are IMHO just a little bit too dark, and the image itself is composed of only the red-and-yellow palette. An almost-unnoticeable blue tint to an almost-unnoticeable fill light might address that. (And, since the effect desired would be very subtle indeed, what I would do is to render it separately so that I could then “tweak” it to “Baby Bear’s ‘not too hot, not too cold, just right.’”