Ray information not in Blender Book

The Blender book covers 2.31/2.32 release of Blender. I have been trying to find information on Ray Transparency and Ray Mirroring. Where is there official documentation on these subjects? They are not in the “Book.” Thanks.



please try: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Manual instead of the previous link. Information is almost up-to-date in the wiki.


Many thanks guys.

pWneD for buying the book!

(j/k) It was good of you to give money to the foundation, although it seems to me that donations would have made more sense…At least that my take on it.

i think they should drop a printed version,
rather a payed pdf would make more sense to many in
terms of manual service for the users. the pdf type
will allow faster modifications when new blender versions are
released, thus keeping the manual up to date.

or purchasers of the book should be Emailed a PDF update to everything in the book whenever a new feature is implimented… until the next book at least.


thats true as well but image like with the ik system, when there is a rework, different icons etc than parts of the book are useless and you need to read the pdf file. i think splitting up the text might not be the best way.

in book design you often put last minute changes into the pdf file, but those last minute changes are often of minor importance as well.

well we will see how they will decide about how to rpogress from here. i guess not every 7 month will there be such a strong change in the app like with the animation recode.

iwould like to know when 2.41 comes out because some of the last mentioned features which did not make it into blender 2.4 are the ones i am most interested in.