Ray Mirror plus SSS


I’ve run into a problem where SSS materials don’t render properly [when reflected] in mirrored surfaces unless they’re also onscreen, which is sort of a dealbreaker. It seems the SSS calculation is ignored for offscreen objects (I assume for performance reasons), is there any way to force an object to calculate SSS even while it’s offscreen or, even better, to get the culling to consider ray mirrored surfaces?

I’ve attached an example file, as well as rendered out the output of that file, that demonstrates the issue: http://zippy.gfycat.com/WaryUnkemptHorsefly.gif (it would be convenient if Blenderartists supported gif embeds, huh)

[slight edit for clarity]


SSS Mirror Bug.blend (527 KB)

Hi, I would indeed call this a Bug, in Cycles it is correct.
Please report to tracker.


Cheers, mib