Ray not being blocked properly - very weird... (with .blend)

Turn up volume, fullscreen 720p

Any help is appreciated

I tried to attach the .blend, but BA’s upload thingy wasn’t working properly, so I used mediafire;

Mouse to rotate/look around, WSAD for movement, space to spawn spider.

section of the script shown: (so you can find it)

    findChar = (self.rayCast(scene.objects['char'], self, 9999999999999999999999999999999.9, 'charBlock', 1, 0))
    if findChar[1] != None:

We can’t exactly tell what the problem might be without seeing the blend file or the script. All I can really suggest right now is double checking the physics settings on the character and making sure the script is behaving how you think it should.

If the blend file is big, just strip it down to the bare minimum while still being able to demonstrate the problem before posting it.

Here, I added the .blend.

I don’t know why, but having the ray cast distance set to such an absurdly large number causes the ray to not hit the character. Setting it to something more reasonable (or just leaving it at 0 so that the ray detects up to the character) fixes the problem.

Ahh! Thank you! I’ll scale the whole scene down, and fix this!