Ray Sensor on Rigid body Triangle Mesh Crashes Blender.

Tri-RayCast.blend (416 KB)

Am i the only person that gets a crash from running this file on blender 2.66?

Bug confirmed here, reporting now.


I posted here just in wrong section hopefully it will get moved.

http://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=34355&group_id=9&atid=306 i posted here

Appreciated, Apart from that the new features are really nice. Things looking good for the BGE.

Definitely. Although, it’s buggy. I’m going to make a post.

Right dude i’ve tested your theory and your right compound fixes the issue, is there any notable issues by turning compound on in this way?

Never the less this is still quite a bad bug :slight_smile:

thanks Raco for that quick fix, 2.66 is actually usable again for me for a while.


I ran into the same error with one of my own blends.
Here is a crash report if it helps.
(the forum didn’t let me upload a “.txt” file)
crash.zip (812 Bytes)

The bug has just been fixed.

So any builds of Blender done after this commit should not crash anymore.

Good Work !! who patched it?

yeh i just got the overnight build a few hours ago.

there’s been other fixes too.


might have to wait little longer for certain OS’s to fix