ray sensors

hi there, i hope im in the right section, i have a cube with a y axis ray sensor and a drawline so i can see where it is going. it reacts to a mouse click to move towards a point, basically it is a grapple and it works fine, but what i would like, is if i click somewhere on the screen the ray sensor goes to that point “no mater the angle” and the player moves to it,not just straight forwards. any help on this matter would be very helpful. thank you

Well hello, lets first try make sense what you want>

you want way to click on things with mouse cursor
you want that what was clicked to be a target
you want your agent to find/generate a valid path around obstacles
you want your agent to move on the generated path to the target

so there are these 4 questions, right?

yes you are right :),ill tell you what i have i have two cubes the top cube is for the ray sensor and rotating and the bottom one is for movment. what i need help with is a target on the hitpoint of the ray and the two cubes to be parented so when i fire the ray they both move at same time but i just wont work iv been trying now for a week and cant do it

ow yes and thank you for the reply

i dont know how this texting works but i have replyed but it doesnt show up. am i doing something wrong?

please use structure and grammar.

So you have something like a “radar” which detects targets?
And to those targets you want to move?
Are you using python, bricks?

If you could give us an example of the situation it would be helpful.
For example provide your .blend ( cleaned, nothing that is not related to this problem) or at least code or pictures.
No one really wants to figure out whats wrong from reading hot air, your problem could have been solved already if we had had your examples/blend.

Parenting: select top cube select lower cube hit alt+p click (vertex)parent.
To get an object to your ray.hitPosition you need to learn some python, and place the object through python to the spot where the ray hits. then you can set all the flags for the player, like move to it or run away from it, etc.

yes, sorry i tried to attach the file but it woudn t let me ill try again

not alt+p for parenting, alt+p is for clearing parenting

ctrl+p = parenting

Ah yes sorry my bad :slight_smile:

yes, sorry i tried to attach the file but it woudn t let me ill try again

here you can use this site: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/