Ray-Tracing and Oversampling

I am using ray-tracing with a slight IOR on a curved smoothed mesh a a lense for an experiment and it works great but I have noticed that Anti-Aliasing or Oversampling does not work properly. It seems like the AA/OS is being applied before the tracing. The image is stretched by the lense and the edges are ragged :eek:.

P.S. Blender updates it renders with spaces and expose active in real-time :smiley:

Renders fine for me.

Are you sure you’ve got your refracting mesh set smooth?


Yup, I have them set smooth. It’s relatively low-poly but it’s not that kind of problem. It’s pixel-thin unsmoothness.

Surt, your image uses procedural.
msteele, you mention an image. It may be a problem with the resolution of the image you are using as a texture. Have you tried the Full-OSA button in the render pipeline?