Ray tracing test

hello all,
just a simple test of blender’s ray tracing. thought about adding particles and maybe a wind effect but was to lazy to do it. heres the vid


(of course google video blew it up way out of proportion…)

wow really nice.
it looks like in a video game.

really cool

That’s a test of volumetric spots, not raytracing :wink:

Does google let you upload videos for free?

CORknOT: thx :smiley:

[email protected]: yes indeed it is testing the volumetric lighting, but it is testing the raytracing as well because it wont show the volumetric “beams” w/o raytracing turned on…or at least i couldnt get it too… on a side note it would be nice to have more volumetric options such as being able to have a volumetric point light the way u can in lightwave…does anyone know how to do this?

[email protected]: yes google lets u upload vids for free, u just need to have an account (also free)

Caveat: it automatically translates them into flash video without letting you control the quality settings. I’d suggest Ourmedia.org/Archive.org.

Ok, I was just wondering. But I really don’t need it because I already have a nice webhost.