Ray Transparency Errors- Internal Engine

I’ve been working a proj. for art class and i can’t seem to prevent the raytrace errors on the glass:

The glass and the juice are 2 separate objects, the liquid is set to 3 on simple-subd and it is set smooth, but when it’s inside the glass, i get these errors. Any suggestions?

set subd to catmull-clark - simple subd is used for displacement only, as far as i know.

hmph…well, i was trying to avoid the ‘rounded ball’ look i was getting from C-C Subd. The material looks fine outside of the glass…

i would think that simple sub set smooth would give that effect(cause the edges are so close) try using no sub surf.

Tried it, worked perfectly. :slight_smile: It’s funny, but i never think of those logical solutions.