Ray-Transparency+slight Ray mirroring + Col/Spec Ramps ???


I am trying to add Color and Specular Ramps to an
material, which is set doublesided but physically only
consist of one layer of meshes. To simplify my hassle
to describe, what I have done:

Think of a UV-Sphere with a diameter of 1.5 (just as it
jumps into existence when using the ADD-dialog) which
contains another UV-Spehere of a different “solid” material
and of the diameter of 1.2.

The first Sphere should have a glass material (ray) and
this material should respond to col/spec ramps settings.

But regardless what I am doing: no ramps effect at all.

What do I miss here ?

Thanks a lot for any helpfui reply in advance!

UV-Sphere with a diameter of 1.5 (just as it
jumps into existence when using the ADD-dialog)

1.414…not 1.5
Anyway. It works for me. I set up exactly what you described, or at least the way I understood it. You must enable TraSha on the inner colored sphere…RayTrans and RayMir respectively. I did nothing special in the material settings (alpha of the outer sphere must be near zero).


I would like to comment on you reply (THANK YOU :O),
but I couldnÄt retrieve the blend file.

May be the URL conatins a typo ?

Thank you for your help :O)

typo indeed…sorry about that.
try again.


thanks a lot for the blend-file !

That is really interesting! With your blend file there seems
no problem at all to get things working.

There must be a bug somewhere in my material definition.
Especially with color ramps on ray-transperent material I
got real problem (or I have a wrong understanding of this…)

I think of color ramps on ray-transparent materials as
of (for example) red glass not colored uniqly (?) but
but accordingly the slider settings of the ramps dialogs.


Secondly: I only get my material transparent, when pushing
the fresnel slider to high values. I dont know why…

Any ideas ?

Thank you very much for your help in advance ! :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening!

download it again. for transparency, turn down alpha.
To map a more random coloring scheme to your glass, try using a cloud texture mapped to the color you want. There is a colorband in the cloud texture settings as well.



…will try it as soon as possible !

(currently blender works on an animation…)

Have a nice weekend!