Ray visualization with lower overhead

render.drawline = heavy function

this is a replacement using a wire material polygon

Seems to work a lot faster.


AltRayVis.blend (452 KB)

My Method


Both use the same processor on that scale: None at all.

Duplicate everything thousands of times until you can see which one runs at a higher frame rate.

With just 4
MyMethod .o2
Cpu .07

Render.drawline= .o8

My script could be faster as well, if I only called sens.hitPosition 1 time

i noticed that using tuples as 3° vectors give a good lag.
but is basically impossible that a mesh can be more fast.

using lines baked(read optimized) inside a list until to the limit of CPU : (30 FPS)
30.000 lines
3.000 planes

moreover making :
dist = own.getDistanceTo(sens.hitPosition)

since each . com cost a bit;)

I would be interested in this.
If I could replace 600+ render.drawline calls with meshes that would be streched, it would be useful.
I could give the mesh some random electricity textures.
Only thing it should scale it according to the target object, given it does it only on the y axis currently.
What i would use it for:
So, how to stretch to a moving object? Not really great with vectors.