Raylib ~ Is there an integration with Blender to turn it into a game engine?

Is there an extenstion or a fork of Blender where Raylib or something similar is integrated into Blender and therefore it is turned into a game engine? Just like with Armory?

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Nope ig, but would love if its done

But there is upbge, a good game engine, a fork of blender, uses eevee and blender internal to make games

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Problem is it is GPLv2 license. I have to legally make the game open source.

Also I wanted to use Rust as well. If you have got any good suggestions I would love to know about it mate?

Nah, search the forum, you will find enough topics to bypass the gpl for like 95% of your game, If you want to use it that way is up to you, but gpl can be avoided.

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If I used the eevee renderer, does my game become part of the GPL license?

the people on this site is not lawyers, so the answers you are going to get from that question is opinion based and not fact based, and if you don’t mind an opinion based answer just use the sites search function at the top of the page, and you will get flooded with posts on the topic.

I see, thanks