RayMir glich --- Part missing!!

Ok… here’s my problem, The floor is set to do RayMir, but the problem is that it does not show the full reflection that it should… When i first began, i didnt have this problem, but over the course of me fiddling with textures, materials, and lighting, it changed!

   I'm sure there is a logical explanation for this that i don't know of yet!


    And a question out of the blue...I was making this for my own personal backround...so for the "guildwars" text,  is there any copyright thinking i have to worry about, or does it not matter for just personal use...could someone just fill me in on the rules.... 

     O...and while i am at it, if you have any suggestions or questions or comments, just say them.. :D

Dont know about the issue ur having but the your fine with the copyright; they can’t do nothing if your using it personally for your own background, and even if they can how they going to know?? anyone from the guildwars team on these boards??? hello?
It looks nice btw

Hey…Thank you for the compliment and the info…i was just asking to double check…i dont mind breaking rules, i just like knowning wut i am getting into :slight_smile:

I also fidled around a tad bit…it seems that the higher the octree resolution, the less obvious the glich is…if that helps anyone