raymir only layer?

is there a way for an object with raymir, to only reflect a certain layer?
say if ive got the blender logo on one layer, with a reflective sphere. and on the other layer, ive got a landscape. i want the sphere to be able to reflect the logo, without showing it, but it needs to be close to show it on the cube, therefor, infront of the camera. is there a way?

(im sorry for any confusion!)

Nope, there’s no way to do that. Use envmaps :smiley:


or multipass rendering/compositing…

it would be nice if blender could ouput all channels into layers for later composeting, like a channel for refelctions diffuse shadow etc.

i have no ida how hard it is to code that


Submit it o the FuBo :slight_smile:

ok what is FuBo???

the dev forum?

Selective raytracing would be spot on. Lamp exclusion and ray trace exclusion is available in Max.

Would be my personal fav addition to Blender.


Yeah, be able to tell it to only reflect things on the same layer as it is, like you can for lamps…