Raymirror difficulties

If you put an object with a material that has raymirror on and turned all the way up to 1 and put an image in the worlds settings as the background, then even if you have no lamps or no lighting at ALL it still renders the object reflecting the world. I need help with this, for example, my brother has a car that has a somewhat reflective surface. In the bright light, yes it’s very reflective. But if it’s a cloudy day or out of the sun it’s almost just a blank color. Why is this? Because reflections have different levels of intensity, yes. Now I want to do what with an image. I think you can do it with HDR, but can I do it without using yafray to light my scene with Global Illumination. In other words, I want the object in blender to reflect mainly the sky and sun (bright areas in my picture) and not the rest, because it looks realistic.

Could you please help me with this!?

This is a question probably better suited for the materials forum. You need to learn how to work with the Fresnel value of ray mirror. I can’t tell you how because I don’t quite understand it myself. Still, after you learn that you may want to control the exposure of the pass via Blender’s compositor. CTRL+Click the pass to separate it from the combined pass(a little black dot will appear in the button…on the render layers tab) then normal click it to enable it as a pass available for compositing. Recombine the pass via a mix node set to “Add”.

try either 1. using different render layers 2. a reflection map

Thanks! That is a good idea using nodes to seperate it.