Rayo (Ear: Take 2)

Here’s a new head mesh using Torq’s tutorial in response to a challenge from my buddy Raymond (see reference image). Total time up to this point is 3 hours.

Reference images aren’t great. I want to base a character off this guy. He’s a mechanic and plays the guitar.


pretty nice start. Not much to crit (Im no topology expert) it looks great so far.
I would say that the lips arent wide enough, and your missing that bump about halfway down the nose…

Tried to fix the noze.

a lot better


Here’s a quick test with UV mapping. I did a quick projection map from front view and added eyes from my Joan of Arc WIP.

UV view in Blender and Render:

Looks Good! Did you make that map by hand?

No. I cheated :slight_smile: I just used the front reference image! I might do one by hand later. I want to create the character first.

Here’s another update with the rest of the head mesh and few refinements to reduce edge loops.

For some reason now it doesn’t look like him; maybe needs hair and ears.

ears always helps. The topology looks good.

Modeled the ear. I need some opinion on whether this is good, needs tweaking or just plain horrible.

Hopefully I will have more time tomorrow.

I didn’t like the ear so much. Here’s another version which has some more details. It seems to match the original ear better… atleast I think so :slight_smile:

come on nyah! *whiplash

you’re the one dat taught me how to model the ear properly =)

the topology looks fine

unless you plan on animating him, you can always merge some of those polygons around the back of the head and reduce the poly count so that you’ll have only the amount that you need for the neck. I’ve been advised by a professional modeler (video tut) that keeping the back of the head as simple as possible is a good thing.

which maybe you have I don’t know =p

There are some obvious problems with that ear but the basic shape and structure should match the reference. It does require more tweaking and it will be tweaked till I’ve pulled the rest of my shiny black hair :slight_smile: It is also quite different from the Joan tutorial which I’m not referencing for this project.

As for the loops on the back of the head… I don’t think that the number is high. There is enough to provide the shape & will be posed (maybe not animated) if I ever complete a body for him.

More refining & tweaking the ear.

The ear is still slightly off, but still a great model.

I know your not painting an ear but it was the first sight to come to mind to help you.

Thanks. Can you please tell me how its off; I’m trying to match the reference as closely as I can.

Great reference. When I loaded the side reference pic, I was first astonished at how different it was.

yeah his ear is kinda different, is that ur buddy?

EDIT: Hey can you help me here bro’?


thanks man =)

More tweaky tweaky…

B- y the way thank yo
U- for trying to answer
M- question about the weird white
P- olygons

But another dude figure it out and he told me how to fix it up

One last update before I leave for holiday season. The orthographic view looks more like him now. The perspective view ain’t that great (don’t know why). I was also messing with the SSS effect with shadow buffers mentioned in some post on this forum. And, the ear sucks :frowning:

Ortho View + Wire

Blender Internal (initial skin shader test)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :slight_smile: