Rays vs. collisions

Hi all,

It would be fabulous if there was a way to do this, but my concern is rays and collisions.

What I dont want is collisions, and I want ray sensors to work. When I turn off collision, the rays dont work. Is there a workaround or something?


turn the pulse mode on with the ray, it might help detect things, especially things with IPO’s.

Hmmm… that doesnt work.

What I have is completely ghosted enemy setup, so that’s all good…

And then I have a plane in front of them, that detects the player attacks.

Due to this having to have collision on of course, the player running into them creates a SPACK ATTACK of bounding. :frowning:

I tried the ray detection with the true pulse on, and the enemie’s detecting plane with collision off, but it didnt work.

OMG this is frustrating.
Workaround impending!!!

eh? It can have collisions and not be rigid body right? I.e it registers intersection but doesn’t act like a rigid body…?

Collision-objects dont have to be rigid body.

so then what’s the problem exactly? maybe posting a blend would help more…

The player-damage detector plane has to have collision on for objects to detect it with rays, but with collisions on, the player walking into it causes a spack attack.

So I want a collision-less object that can be detected with rays.

With my testing just then, I dont think it can be done. :frowning:

okay well… if you just turn on actor and ghost for the collision plane then it should not act like a rigid body…ie. rigid body objects won’t bounce off of it… but it can still be parented to a rigid body and it can still be detect collisions… and it will still be noticed by a ray…

As I said, no collisions, yes rays.

I cant test it now, but I have a feeling that dynamic objects can detect collision-less faces with rays, so I think when I get a chance to test it, I will turn on dynamic for the arrow and see how it goes.

Someone ought to release a blender GE bounding doc., stating how everything collision/ray/radar/dynamic oriented works with detecting each other, to make developing games a little less frustrating, and less of a guessing game. Mabye I could do it. :eyebrowlift2:

I say guessing game because in the past I have had to try all sorts of combinations with the objects’ physics and collision-work stuff.
Also, because, would you believe it, when i had an object with bounds box on and clicked on ghost, the bounding option dissapears, but it still made a difference in-game. Turns out it was exactly what i wanted. :spin:

Now how does that work?