raysensor fix, bullet demos for 2.40 alpha2, future vehicles


The raysensor is (hopefully) fixed in the current gameengine. Please check out this binary (win32):

Also, for the ones who downloaded blender 2.40 alpha2, you can play with bullet physics in the gameengine / keyframe baking with there sample files:

Obviously Jorrit and the Crystal Space project is the future for the blender gameengine, but in the meanwhile I will add some physics-related toys in the current Ketsji gameengine, and hopefully apply some donated patches (blender-material/multitexture etc.).

The first toy will be vehicle support for the gameengine. The vehicle is based on Bullet rigidbodies. The physics-vehicle would be using raycasts, a simple tyre-friction model and a suspension (spring-damper). It could already be done in python, but the planned one is a basic built-in vehicle.


Copy and paste from Blender site ( never too much I guess)
Hello Erwin

sniff…too much joy…sniff…almost crying…sniff
Came to my arms, I want to embrasse you

Sure, the futur “will come”, meanwhile your work it’s allready here…
And it’s a great work!
In the Jenga demo I get 300 fps with my “old” Athlon 2200/Gfx4200
And the amazing Record to IPO function it’s usable too ( to me); 40 fps

Now, I’ll live in front of my computer waiting for your Vehicle Toy!!!
Bye and thank you very much ( we’re at least two that love this @%#$%$#
game engine)

p.s. Now if someone could “translate” Erwin’s build to Linux it will be just perfect

Erwin, thanks a lot. Very useful.
:smiley: I´m also looking foward for the vehicle support.

I played around with the bullet physics and it’s pretty cool. But for some reason afther a few seconds all the physics freeze. Like a wall starts colapsing and 2 seconds later when the cubes want to fall it freezes in the current state of colapsing. Pretty funny for matrix style games, but it this right? :slight_smile:

The deactivation might be a bit too aggressive. Also, there might be an issue with scaled object. You could try to ‘apply scale/size’.

See this topic, for details how to control deactivation through the PhysicsConstraint python module: