I’m new to the field of gamecreation. can u guys tell me how to use raytracing in the game. if u got any links of tutorials about this please let me know. %|

you are confusing your buzzwords or have the wrong ideas of what you want

raytracing is a rendering technique which instead of drawing polygons onto the screen and comparing depth with a depth buffer, rays are traced for each pixel on the screen to whatever is there… polygons, primitives or whatever.

there is no consumer-level hardware acceleration for raytracing so it would be done entirely on your cpu. It isn’t possible for games to be made that use raytracing in blender, but computers are becoming good enough to raytrace simple [sphere-made with reflections and stuff] scenes.

sorry, but when i asked for providing A.I. for the opponents cars in a racing game some guy in this tutorial told me about this 'ray’thing which i don’t have any idea.
if you’re knowing about providing A.I. can u help me?

the “ray” sensor will allow an object to see if another object passes in front of the ray cast by an axis [which one is specified in the sensor] of an object

in python it is possible to get the position of the detection of the object as well as the normal of that point.

I think he was referring to using ray sensors sticking out the front of your car on an angle.When they hit an invisible wall that is on both sides of the track it sends the car back toward the centre of track.

I have a demo some one made that uses this idea and it works fairly well
Let us know if you need

Dr S