raytracing problems

I made a short animation of a satellite.
Its lightened with a sun light (ray shadows) and ambient occlusion (0.3) to light up the shadows a bit. But in the animation each frame has a different shade - I dont know how to explain - please look at this pics, or better the .avi or the .blend file

If someone have any idea, please let me know.
Thanks in advance

It looks like Z-fighting. This means that you have overlapping faces in the same place (on those solar panels) and the renderer can’t figure out which it should consider to be in front.

Try doing a remove doubles on those panels, and if that doesn’t work, try manually removing any double faces.

What it looks like to me, is that you have two planes that are in the same Z-space. I’ll just call it Z-space because I can’t tell what direction is what from the video.

My guess is that underneath each of those solar panels, there is another plane that is in the same exact Z-space as the top solar pannel layer. Just offset them a bit.

I Like the animation.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I will have a look at overlapping faces in the same place…
more to come

You have mirroring on both X and Y axes for your panels. Disable the X mirroring and that should get rid of your problem

Thanks a lot for your hints! I removed the doubles (Removed: 141)! Sometimes Im blind. I thought it would have been a raytracing problem.... So I have to render the first frames and see if its fixed, but that will last `til tomorrow…

But one more time: thanks a lot!

Oh no, I started a new rendering, but the problem remains the same…
it was what cpix mentioned, the mirrored x axis! so it wasn`t a double - it was a tripple;-)
so, next rendering is on the way…!

Thanks- problem solved!